Custom Made Electric Starter for any Frazer

Tired of Breaking your back trying to start your tiller
This 6V or 12V DC Electric Starter is Custom Made for any Frazer

- The Starter Mounted had to be modified to turn the correct rotation.
-  Special Frame and Handle Bars were made.
-  Solenoid, Started and Battery Cables were mounted to frame.
-  Pulley and Starter Shaft had key ways cut in them for easy removal if needed
-  Special washers were made to protect the starter spring from rubbing the starter housing.

This items includes:
Socket for Starter Motor Shaft
Push Button Solenoid (Momentary On and Off)
Battery Cables for (Suggested 6V DC Battery) or 12V DC Battery for faster rpm & more torque

Tiller Front Housing
Tiller Starter Shaft, Keys and Clip Rings
Tiller Starter Pulley

 $900  plus packaging and shipping   


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I have 2 available, but will make more when these sell

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