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Attachments for all Frazer Rototillers B1-6 thru B1-7RA

B74 Belt Drive Pulley RARE $250.00

I have Refurbished this

5484 Implement Hitch Bracket $75.00

NEW Custom Made from Heavy Steel

This is installed by removing the Tiller Drive Housing from the Transmission Housing.
Then installing the Hitch Bracket to the Transmission Housing

5507 Standard Front Shovel For Cultivator Attachment $6.00

5532 Disc Hiller Shaft for B-85B (B-58) Disc Furrower     $10.00

5768 V Belt Pulley (Only) for the B-74A Belt Pulley Drive Assembly $50.00
Pulley Measures 12 inched Diamater

Above used on the B-74A Belt Pulley Assembly (Sold Out) I will buy yours
This attachment can operate Hammermills, Auxiliary Generators, Soil and Compost Shreaders, Compressors and any other belt driven units. Easily and quickly mounted to the rear of the

B-67 Field Mower Sickle Bar $450.00 SOLD

I have another B-67 Missing the Drive Box and Arm $200.00
email me if interested

Fits Models B1-6 thru 7RS

This is ready to mount 36 inch width of cut.
Has 18 cutting blades
Weight of Complete Assembly is 70 pounds  

Used for cutting hay and in keeping orchards, fence rows and field corners free of weeds.
Ideal for light or medium mowing. Grass and weeds are caught by 18 two inch V type blades
mounted on a base plate that shuttles back and forth with a sawing action.
Power is transmitted to the mower from the power take off that is attached to the rear of the tiller drive  

5618A ( SM-706) Differential Side Pinion    $25.00
click image below for full view

5739 Field Mower Cutter Blade Holder (for above)  $9.95


5739B Field Mower Cutter Blade (for Holder Above)  $2.95

5704 (SM-740) Blade Shield     $5.00
click image below for full view

5897 Shoe for B-67 Field Mower Sickle Bar (Above) $12.00

click photo for full view

GP-12 Puller Plate for Removing Oil Seals $10.00

SM-715 Rod End Assembly for Field Mower Sickle Bar

This goes on the end of the SM-718 Pitman Arm of the B-67 Field Mower
It comes with a Grease Fitting but needs the Torrington 1212X Needle Bearing   
Treads have been protected with Tape

click image for full view                         click image for full view
with bearing $20.00                        without bearing $15.00

SM-715 Choices