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ALL Parts are NEW unless marked Otherwise

Books, Tires and Wheel see bottom of this page

Aeroshell 80 SAE 40 Oil for Gas Mixture - 1 NEW Quart  $12.00
This product has been recommended by the Frazer Company

Mix 8 Ounces (1/2 pint or 1/4 Quart) Oil to 1 Gallon of Gasoline
Containers have Ounce Marks on Side
( Fuel Tank Capacity of Gas and Oil is 9 Quarts )
Thus 1 Quart should last for 4 Tank Loads of Gasoline

5768 V Belt Pulley (Only) for the B-74A Belt Pulley Drive Assembly $50.00
Pulley Measures 12 inched Wide x

Above used on the B-74A Belt Pulley Assembly (Sold Out)
This attachment can operate Hammermills, Auxiliary Generators, Soil and Compost Shreaders, Compressors and any other belt driven units. Easily and quickly mounted to the rear of the

5739 Field Mower Cutter and Blade fits Mower Below $9.95

5739 Field Mower Cutter Blade for Cutter Above  $2.95

5763 Reverse Gear Drive Gear Tanged Washer $4.95

5764 Reverse Gear Drive Gear Snap Ring $1.95

5766 Wheel Hub Locking Pin $4.95

5767 Transmission Oil Seal for All Models (was $40.00 each)
I have found a New Vendor and now offer these at $20.00 each
These can be used on - 5460 Direct Drive, Free Wheel and Clutch Hub Wheel Housings
Check If the 5251, 5253 or 5267 are worn - if so they will cause oil to leak from axle.

This will cause the shaft 5266 to be off center in the Transmission Case Hub Flange when the weight of the machine is on the wheels.

There are made out of Aluminum


5790 Wheel Hub Washer Oil Seal Nut (2 per unit)
click image for close up

NEW            $4.95

USED        $2.50

5790 Choices

5803 Crankcase Ring Insert $24.95

5815 Steel Rod Link 8" x 1/2" with 1/8" Holes both Ends $4.95

5831 Fuel Strainer Shut Off Valve Packing Tillitson

Sold Out

5831B Fuel Strainer Shut Off Valve Nut $4.95


5898 Front Nose Starter Housing Assembly USED $90.00
5101 Screen
5195 Starter Shaft
5196 Shaft Spring
5197 Shaft Snap Ring 
5198 Pulley
5199 Rewind Spring
5200 Clevis Pin (Spring to Pulley)
5203 Starter Cable
5491 Housing Cooling Fan
5498 Clevis Pin (Spring to Casting)   
Boxed Weight 13½ lbs

click image for full size view


5915 Plug Oil Dust Seal Plug for Lock Out Axle $9.00

5918 NEW Reverse Shifter Stop Assembly $30.00 - 5919A Lever shown below right sold separate

5919A (5457B) Reverse Gear Control Lever, Pin & Bushing (Above parts used on this)  $39.95
Includes Pin part number 5920 and Bushing part number 5264
click photo for full close up view

Available separately are the 5920 Reverse Shifting Lever Pin and 5264 Shift Lever Bushing
This is used with part number 5918 Reverse Shifter Stop Assembly
and 5960 Reverse Shifting Stop both sold separately

5960 Reverse Shifter Stop $50.00
This is used on 5919A sold separately above
click photo for full close up view

5926 Transmission Reverse Detent Spring for units with Reverse Gear $2.00

5929 Transmission Reverse Shifting Lever Spring $3.00

5934 Straight Axle for units with No Clutch Hub $20.00 ea

For complete Clutch Hub Assembly see 5565
Click on image for Full Close Up View

5944 Reverse Assembly         $200.00
Comes with 2 each 5228 gaskets

5944 Conversion to add Reverse to your Frazer Rototiller   $190.00
includes everything you need to convert a Frazer without reverse Assembly.
Includes Step by Step Manual and all parts shown below

5950 Complete Rototiller Gasket Replacement Kit $50.00
Includes: 5004, 8, 29, 31, 50, 52, 61, 67, 85, 87, 98, 5228, 33, 75, 77
plus FM Magneto 5110, ES Magneto 5151, 5155
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5952 NEW Canister Muffler, Gasket and Bolts  $95.00
Made from Heavy Automotive metal

5952 / 5097 Used Refurbished Canister Muffler, Gasket and Bolts  $75.00
Made from Heavy Automotive Metal
Refurbished Painted Black

5952 Used Canister Muffler, Gasket and Bolts $50.00

5959 Decal Kit $25.00
      (2 each of Rototiller)



GP-12 Transmission Oil Seal Puller $25.00

5962 Reverse Lever Stop Pin  $15.00

Control Plate (Mounts on top Hood)                            $27.00
I have not cleaned this, I did not want to ruin it.
Click on Image for Full View

Serial Number Plate (Blank) $10.00

400 - 12 NEW Vredestein 4 Ply V Lug Tire  $65.00

Measures: 4.3" Wide x 20.3" Tall
Weighs 8 pounds (shipped as is, No box needed) from 46806

5 - 12 NEW  6 Ply V Lug Tire $79.00
(5.0" Wide x 20.8" Tall) Will fit 400 or 5-12 Rim
Weighs 14 pounds shipped USPS from 46806

Used Set of 4.80-12 Carisle USA Trail Tires and Rims
This is 2 Tires and Rims    $100.00

Slightly Used 400-12 Vredestein Tire and Rim  $50.00

TR13 Inner Tube Used on 400 x12 or 500 x 12 Tires $19.95 each

Used 400-12 Goodyear Deluxe Inner Tube

TR413 Valve Stem for Rims with Tubeless Tires of 400 / 500 / 5-12 Tires $2.95

400 x 12 Used 5 Lug 4.3" Wide Wheel $20.00


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